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In this podcast series, Chris dives deep into the minds of some of the industry’s top engineers, studio techs, and musicians. This series is great for anyone who is into music production, recording, and gear. Tackling topics such as the fundamentals of sound, signal processing, analog vs. digital, common studio problems, preamps, and much more!

Bruce Breckenfeld on the Importance of Engineering, Analog vs Digital, and Roles of a Technician

In this episode, Chris interviews the brilliant studio technician, Bruce Breckenfeld. He goes in deep about his upbringing into the ever-changing music industry and teaches some of the fundamentals along the way. Throughout this episode, you will take in the years of knowledge that Bruce has attained and be provided this information in a clear, easy to understand manner. From the differences of an unbalanced cable and balanced cable, to the Hammond Organ and how it functions. There is something here for all music lovers and gear heads, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!


Tom Miller on Universal Recording Studios, Writing Jingles, and The Father Of Modern Recording

Tom Miller is a veteran in the music industry, with over 40 years experience and being the Director of DePaul’s Sound Recording Technology program, he has acquired a vast knowledge and is going to share that in this episode of the podcast. Going over his rise into the industry and his experience at Universal Studios, he truly is an inspiration.

Tom Miller On His Career, Recording Studio Roles, and Important Tools for Engineering

In this episode Tom Miller goes in depth about his early career and gives great bits of advice throughout the episode. With his experience at Universal Records he shows his vast knowledge of the industry and even goes in detail about making money in this ever-changing industry. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the episode!

Chris "Hambone" Cameron On Jambon, The Leslie, and The Hammond Organ

In this episode we have the amazing Chris “Hambone” Cameron on. Hambone is one of Chicago’s premier session keyboardist and composers. He has written music on multiple movies such as Disney’s “Holes”, “The Guardian”, and “Under Siege” to name a few. He also teaches at Colombia College and has done hundreds of commercials for major brands such as Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Ford, and many more. Enjoy the episode!

Bruce Breckenfeld On When Tape Machines Became Obsolete, All Things Vinyl, and Moving To Digital

In the second episode featuring the talented Bruce Breckenfeld, he goes into detail about vinyl and how it’s made, Parametric EQ’s and how they can be overused, the rise of digital, and much more! With his knowledge gained from the Chicago Recording Company, Bruce will give us insight to the lessons he’s learned over the years. Grab some popcorn, a notepad and enjoy the episode!

Bruce & Hambone Special: Making Modifications On the Hammond, Different Tones, And Similarities

In this very special episode we have the brilliant Bruce Breckenfeld and the amazing Chris “Hambone” Cameron back to discuss the differences between 2 very famous Hammond organs. With the vast knowledge from our esteemed guests we get nitty gritty and discuss topics such as tube differences, draw-bars, vibrato, and much more! So sit back, relax, and enjoy the shootout!

Bruce Breckenfeld | A Deep Dive Into The Hammond Organ

Bruce is back with a breakdown on The Hammond Organ! Not just on how it functions, but how Bruce makes it work. He goes into discussion about his go-to presets, the unique tones and sounds of the organ, and much more.

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